The Courses

Canary Wharf Criterium

January 24th, 2021: 40km, 200m elevation gain, 40 laps

Kicking things off strong, the Canadian Junior Virtual Cycling Series goes to London England for some hot laps around Canary Wharf. Normally a bustling finance district, when the series arrives the Wharf turns into a fast, flat, 4-corner crit course. But don't be fooled by this simple route! Thanks to in race physics, riders will have to fight to the front for what promises to be a thrilling finale!

Dirty Reiver Gravel Race

January 31st, 2021: 35.4km, 450m elevation gain, 2 laps

Virtual racing hits the dirt when the series shows up for the Dirty Reiver. Taking place in the Kielder Forest in Northern England, this is just a taste of what is a 200km offroad excursion. Steady rollers make this course unpredictable in every way. The scenery is incredible, but you may not have much time to take it all in while fighting for position or launching that winning move!

Cap de Formentor Road Race

February 7th, 2021: 22.4km, 515m elevation gain, 1 lap

Last but not least the series is off to the island of Mallorca for an epic race to the lighthouse! Filled with all the climbing riders could want and them some, this route will be the final test of the series. This race may well decide the victor, so be prepared for some relentless attacks.